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 Dog Diseases

Dog Diseases

 Variety kinds of dog diseases. Siberian husky dog not only siberian husky any kinds of dog can attack or suffer of some common diseases. Although they are health breed. With the whole article i will discus dog diseases, kinds of dog diseases, sign & symptoms of dog diseases and treatment information. Although they are health breed but they suffer mainly two kinds of diseases. Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD) and Progressive Rental Atrophy (PRA) Also some disease can attack like Hereditary, Corneal dystrophy, Hypothyroidism and Zinc Responsive Dermatosis (Zinc – deficiency). After reading the article you will get an idea about some common disease and treatment of Siberian Husky Dog. Life span of Siberian husky dog or dog is 12 to 14 years according to ASPCA that was conducting in 1999. Sometime their life spam is up to 15 years if provide proper diet, regular medical checkup  and being regularly exercise and how to care a dog. So if you want to keep physically fitness of Siberian Husky dog please read the whole document and will find your answer of dog Diseases. 

Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD)

Canine Hip Dysplasia is one of the painful dog diseases. The improper setting of the femur into the hip socket. Simply put, the elbow and hock joint are too loose a fit and the bone keeps slipping out. Siberian Huskies as well as many other breeds have this genetic problem. The hip socket isn’t adequately formed since birth and the ball joint of the hip instead of fitting in the right way, It is too loose and keeps slipping out of the socket. As any extra weight would stress the joint and cause more too pain. It is one of the common dog infectious diseases.



Dog Illness and Symptoms

  • Decrease normal activity like: Do not run, jump, climb stairs smoothly jump,
  • Reducing normal rising
  • Reducing eating but too fatty
  • Back legs close narrow stance

Dog Diseases Treatment 

Two kind of treatment-Surgical and Non Surgical. Surgical is treatment is the last stage.

Prevention is better than cure:

  • Control his weight eating formulated food. It is most important.
  • Do not over exercise
  • Pain relief medicine – ask to vet
  • Anti – inflammatory medications – ask to vet

Progressive Rental Atrophy (PRA)

Progressive Rental Atrophy Disease

Progressive Rental atrophy is another  dog  diseases. It is primary effect on night vision problems and then slowly and gradually he loses daytime vision. Day by day he can become totally blind. There is still no cure for this deadly disease.



Dog Illness and Symptoms

  • Carefully notice the dog is more reluctant to run the entire yard at night.
  • She likes to go to light room than dark room.
  • Dog have ample time to learn to rely more on their hearing, smell, memory of their touch.
  • Since PRA is pain less. So no obvious signs such as excessive tearing or squiring redness.

Dog Diseases and Treatment 

  • Not mention able any treatment to prevent PRA.
  • The only way you can prevent your dog from getting PRA is by screening his parentage.
  • Since it is nutritional components to this disease so provide highest quality food for eye development.
  • Remove cataracts by surgery but may damage retina.

Hereditary Cataracts (HC)

A Husky Suffer by Hereditary Cataracts

Hereditary is another dog diseases. Cataracts is a clouding of the lens of the eye. It is caused by broken of tissues of eye. If your husky affect by the disease inability to see and ultimately to total blindness.



Dog Illness and Symptoms

  • See hole in the light
  • Dim vision
  • Likely fading of colors
  • Need brighter light for other activities

Dog Diseases and Treatment 

Avoiding such as disease light does not direct enter to the eye and the vision is impaired. A recessive gene causes it and research show is on to identify and isolate it.

Corneal Dystrophy

This is another hereditary eye disease that affects just the cornea. Corneal dystrophy can begin as small white dots on the cornea and cause hazy vision or opaqueness. This disorder affects young adult dogs and also females more than males.



Dog Diseases and Treatment 

If  the disease  carry her parents and on them when they were born, it’s a good idea to have your Siberian Husky checked by a good ophthalmologist in a gap of at least every two years. There is no effective therapy for the condition although medical science too advance.


Check Hypothyroidism Disease

This is a problem when the thyroid gland does not secrete the normal amounts of thyroid hormone.




Dog Illness and Symptoms

Sign and symptom of this disease is gain fat and bold although she eats lees food. Bold spots on his coat and loss of fur that is not caused by normal shedding. Siberian Huskies are energetic dogs but with this problem that are listless, without energy and want to stay in warmer areas of the house and garden instead of their usual cool spots.

Treatment Options

For the disease you can use synthetic thyroid hormone Levothyroxine / Synthroid and others. This oral medicine your dog restore hormone level or ask to vet.

Zinc Responsive (Zinc Deficiency)

Siberian Husky suffer by Zinc Responsive Disease

Zinc deficiency is another problem of dog diseases. If you notice carefully understand the dog’s right eye affect by Zinc Responsive Disease.

Dog Illness and Symptoms

The sign and symptom of the disease is gradually loss hair around the areas of the lips, chin and eyelids. Sometime see less interest of eating, lethargy.

Dog Illness and Symptoms

Most of the Veterinarian use oral supplement for Zinc- Responsive disease for husky dog. It is use as daily basis. Some time vet use an injection it dependence on disease condition. After starting treatment you should notice what kind of change of the disease. If not improvement vet may change the dose up to 50 %.  Also can be use Antimicrobial Therapy as well as regular bathing with Keratolytic Shampoos like Sulfur and Salicylic Acid.

Another Red Signal for Siberian Husky Dog Diseases 

Hot Spots

A Husky Dog Suffer By Hot Spots Dog Disease

Dog diseases are varieties kind of. keeps licking in the same spot and that leads to hair loss and skin lesions known as Hot Spots. It might seem a trifling matter but once there is hot spot, the bacteria spreads to other areas and even penetrates the deeper layers of the skin within 12 hours. Ask your vet and use a good antibacterial spray on the wound. Some owners even swear by Tea tree oil but do confirm with a vet. After being treated the hair will grow back in about two weeks.


Dog Illness and Symptoms

  • Keep the husky avoid liking the area
  • Carefully clip the fur that is covering the area but allows air
  • Don’t place a bandage
  • Warm apply, moist compress to the area  3 or 4 times in day for 15 – 20 minutes

Enlarged Lymph Nodes

After bringing a dog in your house you should be close monitor for any abnormalities. When you brush and groom your dog  run your hand around his lymph nodes. Sometimes if they are larger on one side, and do not subside.

Dog Illness and Symptoms

  • Suffer by fever
  • Day by day weight loss and feel weakness
  • Comparatively more thirsty
  • Comparatively more urination
  • Vomiting and diarrhea

Dog Diseases and Treatment 

Treatment of Enlarged Lymph Nodes depends on the cause of condition or seriousness. If cause of bacteria and infection required treatment. Otherwise no need. Antihistamines and steroids may use for treatment for allergic reactions. You can go surgery and chemotherapy if the causes is cancer or go to vet for advice.

Precautions of Siberian Husky Dog Diseases 

> Immunizations against diseases like distemper and parvovirus, parainfluenza,
> Booster shots for the above.
> De-worming for internal parasites at regular intervals, decided by the vet.
> Rabies immunization every three years
> DHLPP & Corona booster repeated annually.
> Bordetella  vaccine
> Regular eye tests.
> Annual physical examination and blood tests for diabetes, thyroid disease, blood cancers, and kidney and liver diseases.

So, with the whole article i will discus dog diseases, kinds of dog diseases, sign & symptoms of dog diseases and treatment information. Since your dog is a family member of you. You should be need close monitor and  provide balance food regularly  What she needs for physical fitness. Like balanced diet, medical checkup, put medicine for disease. How over how to care i think if you maintain above discussion about dog diseases your dog will keep well.