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Best Food for Siberian Husky Make It Easy – How to care a dog

How to care a Dog title of the article is very important who have a dog in house. When bring a dog in your house in main concern is how to care like or where can get dog care information,Where she live? What kind of food she will eat? Grooming, Bathing, Shedding and Trimming, Brushing, Fleas and many more.  Since your dog is a new family member and will love her and keep well and proper way how to care a dog.  I discussed the things in this article very honestly. If you read carefully the article you will get a complete well idea of how to care of dog. If you want to take care your love dog properly also you have know to know about dog diseases.

How to Care a Dog – Dog Care Information

 Merry Pet Wood Dog House

 Siberian Husky love to lay in the roof and observed out site happening. Make sure the house will be keep cool.  If you think that you will not create a hose for your dog, you can purchase a  ready made dog house. People need a house for living as like as need a house for living of a dog. Bringing a Siberian Husky you should be thing it is new family member in your family. For this reason his needs a specific space for care Siberian husky, no need for apartment for living. So you can make a house that dimension at list is 10 to 15 feet tall x  6 to 7 feet width x 7 feet height. The floor will be digging out. The fence and roof of the house will be strong and since Siberian Husky is notorious digger so in his house can keep with extra a shade part of the house and fence will be strong, that will long at least 6 to 7 feet. In this part can keep some sands for digging for him. Roof of the house will be flat e house from market.

Feed your Husky Dog 

According to body structure of Siberian husky that they are not fussy about their food and they are light eaters. They eat a lot less than other freighting dogs like the Samoyed and the Alaskan Malamute. It’s quite surprising how little they eat considering the amount of energy they have!  So whether you choose to give your Siberian Husky dog or fresh food or commercial pet food. Keep your husky’s water bowl full and refresh the water at least once a day. Large breeds such as Siberian huskies consume more water than small breeds. He should own food ball and water ball. Check the bowl after meals and walks to make sure it isn’t low. I discussed detail about fresh food and commercial food in the page of food.

         How Much Feed for your Husky Dog or Dog

Since you are very near your husky and should be monitoring during her rising. A Siberian husky should be feed about 2% – 3% of its body weight per day. (Puppies, older dogs, pregnant and lactating dogs are feed at different ratios. So you can calculate for huskies per day how much need food or you can follow bellow this ratio will be use for per day. Remember avoid exercise at least 80 to 90 minutes after eating.

 The best way to feed an adult dog is with two smaller meals instead of only one large meal once a day. By feeding a dog or pregnant dog two meals it tends to reduce scavenging for food all day until its meal time. Plus your dog might eat a bit more slowly as they are not starving hungry!!

If you have a puppy less than 6 months you should be feeding it at least 3  meals per day. Early morning, Mid noon and night with in 7 to 9 pm. After six months this can be reduced to two meals per day. Never leave uneaten food out all day. It is most important for husky’s care.

How to Bathing – How to Care a Dog

The first thing you will want to do to successfully bathe a Siberian Husky is brush their coat thoroughly before getting them wet. If you don’t, you will have a loose, wet, hairy mess on your hands. I can’t stress enough how important that first step really is. Bathe the dog like you would any other dog breed that has a thick double coat of hair. Pay special attention not to get any water into the dog’s ears. If you choose to wash their face, be gentle because a lot of dogs do not like having water on their faces. During bathing are people use shampoo, soap ect. So Bathing  your husky use shampoo formulated only for  dogs when necessary. After the bath, towel dry the dog as much as possible. Once the dog is completely dry, brush them once again with the undercoat rake for a perfectly clean, well groomed, beautiful looking interesting Siberian Husky. If you unable to bathe to Husky you can take her to dog groomer.

Grooming – How to Care a Dog

Maintaining you Siberian in top condition is essential for his health and happiness. Too many people view grooming as some dreaded chore but it really isn’t, the Siberian Husky is a comparatively easy dog to care for and grooming is your opportunity to spend some quality time with your dog. Siberians are by nature a fastidiously clean dog and free from body odor, Siberians clean themselves a lot like cats.

Grooming time provides an opportunity for you to explore your husky in a calm and controlled way. Use the time play with his paws, ears and tail – all are sensitive areas and grooming time is a good way to desensitize him to touching these areas.

Shedding and Trimming – How to Care a Dog

At least once a year the Siberian Husky sheds his entire undercoat. This process can last up to six weeks from start to finish. All dead hair needs to be brushed out to enable quick and strong re-growth. A warm bath and a blow dry will encourage the hair to drop out evenly and easily – making it easier to comb out. In their natural climate of Siberia the Husky does not shed during the year (except when they blow their coats) due to the cold and dry environment. But if you don’t live in Siberia you will find that the husky tends to shed throughout the year. Shedding is a natural process. Dogs perspire only through their paw pads so getting rid of extra hair in the summer is an absolute necessity to prevent heat stress. Puppies go through a major shedding process from 10-14 months when their puppy hair is shed and replaced by the coarser hair of the adult dog.

Overall the Siberian needs very little grooming compared to other breeds, no trimming of hair is needed, just a regular brush to remove any dead hair. Do not shave, strip or clip your husky close. The undercoat insulates against the coat and the top provides protection from harmful sunrays and should not be cut short.

Brush Husky Dog Teeth – How to Care a Dog

Brush teeth of husky at least two times in a week using veterinarian approved Tooth Past and Brush. Brushing your husky keep her breath fresh but also prevent Plaque and Tartar diseases

Fleas of Husky Dog Care – How to Care a Dog

Your grooming routine should include a flea inspection. Use a fine toothed metal flea comb, keep a glass of hot water nearby to dip the flea bearing comb in  the fleas will drown.

Plant Poisoning of Dog – How to Care a Dog 

Plant poisoning is very important for husky’s care. Siberian Husky is a part of your family so usually you play with Husky in the garden or somewhere.  But careful from some plants like Chrysanthemum, Fichus, Elephant Ears Amaryllis, Fern, Azaleas, Bird of Paradise, all Ivies, the Berries of Mistletoe, Peace Lilies, Philodendrons, Mums, and most Bulb plants. Often you might see your Siberian Husky supplementing his diet with grass and even snails. that causes for poisonous for your Siberian Husky. Sign of the problems are  drooling a lot, vomiting, having diarrhea, seizures, convulsions, or coma- call poison control.

What Should I do?

If you think that your interesting husky affect by plant poisoning  as soon as possible let to the veteran for check up. It is another important factor for husky dog care.

Heatstroke of Husky Dog Care

From history of Siberian Husky we  know that they are accustomed to live in very cool weather. Heatstroke is the important for husky’s care. So they could not  adjust heat. Do not expose him to excess heat and do not leave him in the car with the windows rolled up. Siberian Huskies can get dehydrated and die on a hot day if they are not cared. So very important issue heatstroke of husky dog care. 

What will do for Husky Dog or Dog

Such as situation do not give him baths to keep him cool or shave them off. Siberians should not be bathed too often. So during hot season you have to be careful for your Husky.

Socialize your Husky

Gradually introduce your husky to family member when you bring him at home. If he is overwhelmed with the new surroundings, place him in the crate for a few hours, then open the door and let him wander out when he feels comfortable.

Play Your Husky Dog

Siberian Husky is very intelligent and playing dog. Provide your dog with plenty of dog toys to keep him from chewing on other objects of house.  If you see  your husky chewing on something you don’t want him to have, take it away, say “No!” and replace the item with one of your dog’s toys so he learns what he is and is not allowed to play with.

Playmate Your Husky Dog

Siberian husky is very social animal. So she very easily mate and love other dog in the house or nearby. Allow she meet other dog for play, running and exercise.

Training Your Husky Dog

For training for your husky you should a clear plan or develop a routine in taking your Siberian husky outside. If you are house-training a puppy, take the puppy outdoors after meals and naps and do not go back in until he does his business. Praise your puppy and reward him with treats to teach him that doing his business outdoors is a desirable behavior. If think your husky day by day will trained up so enroll yourself and your Siberian husky in obedience classes. The younger your husky is when training starts, the more success you are likely to have. Huskies, with their high energy, can be difficult to control without proper training and during training you not irritate please keep passion.

Exercise Your Husky Dog- Dog Basic Needs

Siberian Husky is a working dog with their origin in too cool in Siberia where they pulled heavy sleds over long distance. You decide when give time for your husky in a day for exercise. You will try every day give time to husky specific same time. Take your husky for 30-minute walks at least once a day to help work off their excess energy. If you have a puppy, walks around the yard may be sufficient at first, but you should eventually move on to parks and trails or sidewalks near your house. regular exercise is important of husky dog care.

Regular Medical Check Up for Husky Dog

Since your husky is new family member you should think positively. Take your husky to the vet regularly for checkups and vaccinations for husky dog care. Your vet will provide you with a schedule for vaccinations and will tell you how often he would like you to bring your dog in. Huskies are a hardy breed, but owners should be on the lookout for eye or hip problems. For this reason you can use a chat where keep record.

Clean Your Husky Dog Ears

Regularly Clean your husky’s ears once a week using a dog ear cleansing solution. Squirt the solution into his ear canal and massage the ear with your hands to spread the liquid. Wipe away dirt, discharge and excess fluid with clean cotton balls. Never stick anything into your dog’s ear canal. If you confused go to vet for treatment or advice.

Brushing of Husky Dog

Brush your husky’s coat once a week using a wide-toothed comb or large bristle brush. These brushes are ideal for working through the thick double coats of Siberian huskies. Weekly brushing will help to cut down on shedding and keep your dog’s coat healthy.

Trims Your Husky Dog Nails – How to Care a Dog

Regularly Check your husky’s nails periodically and have them trimmed if necessary. This procedure is best for a professional groomer or your veterinarian’s office unless you have been trained in how to do it properly. Doing the job incorrectly can result in bleeding and pain your husky. So if you have confident doing the job properly you can do it for husky’s careness.

Leash of Husky Dog – How to Care a Dog

Do keep him on the leash when you take his for a walk lest he cuts lose and has an accident on the road. Where you keep your husky you have to make sure that fence is strong. Otherwise may occur a accident your love dog. leash of husky dog care is important for husky dog care.

Incredible Escape Artists

Siberian Husky are simply incredible escape artist, which can do all sort of crazy tricks just to check what is happening his neighbor. They can easily find out how to open unlocked door, they can jump and climb over wall. Slip collars, dig beneath fences, break even chain. So it is proof that husky is supper curious. So they will not hesitate to run away if the change be. But negative thing is that Siberian Husky will not return at home as like as others dog. She will continue his rave and adventure where ever takes him, which is the reason your huskies are among the dogs that most open the husky will e abandoned, lost or even may killed. Most of the Husky owner unaware such as particular facts. I include incredible escape artist in husky’s care.