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 Dog Training Techniques

I’m going to show in this article about dog training techniques or dog training command list. Who have a dog in house and they want to give training properly at home. this article only for him. It is very easy methods. This dog training techniques very easily you can apply at home. If you read carefully the article you would know about dog training techniques, dog training command list, dog obedience training trips and many more. The dog training techniques presents here such as anybody can perform it  at home. Just you need passion and affection for your love dog. So, please read carefully the whole document and try to understand what I say?

Best Dog Training Techniques or Dog Obedience Training Tips

First you need a puppy. Puppy is very good for training due to his age is lees, rapidly can catch command, she is more obediently than adult dog. Also is puppy and look like beautiful so easily grow your self affection for him. Some dogs need three months, some dogs need six months and some dogs need one year for train up. For a dog training at home need some human character like:

Love for Dog

Affection for Dog

You are Determine to Train up a Dog

Proper Balance Best Dog Food

Properly Regularly Care a Dog

Not Give Her Punish

During Training Fun with Dog

So, if you maintain properly above mention points your dog keep physically fitness. Physically fitness is very important for dog training.

Dog Training Techniques or Need a Plane

Fix up a training time for training dog. Everyday same time you have to start training during 30 minutes or 1 hour for your puppy. How much time every day spent for training purpose it is depends on you. Same time start training is very important for training a dog. Suppose today start training at morning but tomorrow start training at afternoon. This way your dog train up but it is long procedure. On the other hand if you train up a dog in a day same time start and same time closed and same minutes. This way gets well result. So you have to plan for training a dog due to you may busy other work. Another important thing for training a dog is need some dry dog food. During training when you use command and you dog complete a command you will give a reward like a dry dog food. Also must you have to decide a “NAME” your dog. Other how do you call him?

Best Dog Training Techniques – Dog Training Commands List

Dog’s command list is most important stage during training. During training a dog you have to be need some basic commands list. One research shows a dog remember and understand up to 165 words. But you need only 10 to 11 basic words for basic training a dog at home and it is enough. As a dog owner remember well how to use one after another. You can use a data sheet where put Date and Command Word. All training command word you could not start all together. Start training command word step by step. First week or during fifteen days use one or two word like: Come and Sit Down. When you understand your dog or puppy remember you command done successfully then start another command. This is way teach you dog all basic commands and then again and again replay or practice. Make sure if your dog successfully complete give her a reward. Reword means show affection and provide some dry food. For this reason you will get good result. One upon a time your dog easily hear your command and done successfully. This way very easily your train ups a dog in the house. Bellow some basic commands: Use theses commands first to last Like- 1. COME 2. SIT DOWN —— this is way.

  1. COME Command
  2. SIT DOWN Command
  3. STAY Command
  4. TAKE IT Command
  5. NO Command
  6. OUT Command
  7. WATCH ME Command
  8. HELL Command
  9. OFF Command
  10. WAIT Command
  11. PLACE A BED, CRATE or HOUSE Command 

Now I will discuss step by step Dog Training Techniques or Dog Obedience Training Trips

1. COME Command: For this command you need dog collar. The collar wears a dog and you keep some distance. When you say command COME at same time pull the collar. Your dog will understand “have to come”. May be you understand what I am trying to understand. For dog training one dog owner need sharp IQ and have to close monitor during training.

2. SIT DOWN Command: When comes the dog near you. You say “Sit Down” the command and touch nose and head. Notice your dog easily sit down. The command again and again reply it ultimately your dog Sit Down. When you sat the command mean time you have to go very close your dog and show affection on dog.

3.STAY Command: I think by this time your dog learned COME, and SIT DOWN. Now you will learn or teach STAY COMMAND. Stay command is as like as SIT DOWN. You call your dog and say SIT DOWN and STAY. Now question is the dog stay without some things. Now you could give him dog toy. With dog toy she will time pass. For this command some days will give a toy during training. When you understand that she will stay without something. This way this command should be practice.

4.TAKE IT Command: This command taught by giving some thins like a toy. You say TAKE IT. For teaching this command tries to open mouth of dog and give a toy and say TAKE IT. When the object or the toy drops you can say DROP IT. These ways TAKE IT and DROP IT. Dog trainers need lots of passion. You will not be arrested during training. You keep determine about your dog that you will be success. 

5.NO Command: For this command need a leash and wear it. These commands taught by giving some thing in front of dog and say NO – NO or taught by putting a treat on the ground and keeping the dog leashed while walking towards the treat. At the same time the leash slightly pull. This command should be again and again practice. Can you make sense about “NO Command” dog training techniques?

6.OUT Command: This command is schooled by holding the dog get in his mouth one among his favorite toys. Then, grabbing and keeping a toy against your body, wherever the dog can at first insist to stay the toy in his mouth, however as you may keep pull it towards you, he can un harness it eventually. This is often the instant you need to provide the toy back to the dog over a similar game – and as before long because the dog can lose the interest to carry the toy any longer, offer the command “Out”.

7.WATCH ME  Command: The command taught by eye contact you and your dog. During training the command in your hand keep a treat and its’ offer, In the mean time moving your hand not so quickly. Move your hand such as way as if your dog in your hand some thing have. It is close monitor and repeat some time and through the command WATCH ME. In fact dog training is not easy subject. Day by day you have to try and ultimately you will get result.

8. HELL Command: This command is schooled by holding your dog’s leash in your menus and pull it on your left aspect whereas you’re walking, and at an exact purpose commanding the dog to “Sit”. You furthermore might ought to hold the treat in your Manus the command “Heel” in a very positive tone of voice. For dog training you have to apply common sense and it very important.

9. OFF OR STOP Command: The command taught by your dog to keep some treat in your hand and close hand very near as if the dog she can smell and like it. The dog do not get the treat as your hand closed. At a time may the dog can bark and it is positive sign. If the dog barks open your hand and give treat or toy and through OFF or STOP command. Starting first some days you can feel boring. Please keep confidence and determine that you must do that.

10. WAIT Command: This command as like as STAY command. This command is taught by walking the dog towards the door and through him SIT DOWN command. After sit down the dog try to close the door and say WAIT command until you come. Do not wait more time. If you pass more time your dog will lost passion to wait. After some time you will come and then give reward and affection.

11. PLACE A BED, CRATE and HOUSE Command: Last command PLACE BED, CREAT and HOUSE command. For this command need a leash that wear a dog and holding the leash in one hand. another hand keep some dry food. Now pull the leash to go to a BED, CRATE , CARPET or a HOUSE. After going there or during going you say PLACE A BED, CRATE  and HOUSE. Finally give him treat. So repeat the command again and again and get good result.

So I discussed  here dog training techniques and at least 11 most popular basic dog training commands list. Theses dog training command list  quite separate from one to another. Thus  it will be easy for you to train up a dog. In normal life in a house. You  don’t need more commands. If you use more commands for home dog training your dog may be confused about command.  I mention such as command that very useful and your dog will be not confused during training. You will use this command list chronologically according to that I mention above. I expect successfully you would apply the dog training techniques and train up your dog and feel well with your dog.