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Best Homemade dog Food | Best Food For Siberian Husky | Husky Food

Some dog owner likes to prepare best homemade dog food or homemade dog food recipes grain free for a dog. I’m going to show in this article ” How to Make Best Homemade Dog Food” If you have some time so you can make homemade dog food recipes with chicken very easily perfect ways. For this reason you spent only maximum 10 minutes for it. If you think homemade dog food or cheap homemade dog food may not proper nutrition ratio. Don’t worry,  I give a ratio bellow of nutrition that you can use for making best home made dog food and this is may be homemade dog food recipes vet approved. This cheap homemade food for siberian husky or you can use any age of dogs. Like: Puppy, Middle and Large dog. So let’s go how make very easy way best home made dog food.

I request to prepared healthy homemade dog food read all instruction carefully and then you will go to prepared homemade dog food. If you want to know digging information about dog food please visit dog food.

To give your love dog a well nutrition balance homemade dog food you need very basic food items that easily can get in the market or you can pick up common food items that use for everyday life from grocery items of family. like:

Protein, Fats, Fiber, Vitamins and Carbohydrates

These elements should be existing your home made dog food. These elements we can get very easy from our every day grocery items.

 For nutrition balance for your dog no need extra thinking. At home made dog food should be contain

  Protein = 50 %, Grain = 25 % and Vegetables = 25 %

How to measure above nutrition ration? I will give an example that easily you calculate it.

 Suppose you will give 200 gm dog food in the morning for your dog

So total food is 200 gm, Ratio is, protein =100 gm, Grain= 50 gm, Vegetables = 100 gm So, Total = 200 gm

So when make homemade dog food this way you divided food items. If you make according to my methods so you will get very well balance nutrition for dog.

Now think what kinds of foods contain protein like:

Chicken, Beef, Lamb and Fish

For homemade dog food need carbohydrates that you can found following items:

Rice, Pasta, Oatmeal, Barley and, Potatoes

Some vegetables are usually your dog during enjoyed  Like:

Broccoli, Carrots, Green Beans, Squash and , Sweet potatoes

You can add more some fruits like:

Apples, Bananas, Pears and Raspberries

So I discuss there are four items that need home dog food and it will be very health dog food.

Best Homemade Dog Food How to Make It

Before I discussed what kinds of food items and how much need each items details I discussed may be you understand.

What kinds of accessories need for best homemade dog food and make procedure bellow very sample

Knife – for cutting or remove buckle vegetable as much as small and boon less chicken or beef

One chopping board – where on it cutting vegetables and chickens or beef

Some Small Bowls – That Keep in separately all items before cut it

One middle size spoon – for mixing

One Middle size Bowls that will be use for mixer all together

Avoid Some Food 

Wheat or Grain Based Food

Do not provide wheat or grain based food. It does not match well with her body. It occur gas and she feel uncomfortable by gas.

Canned Food

Finally I will tell you do not give to Siberian husky canned food. Canned food causes finicky eaters. In addition, most cases, the store bought stuff is not good for Siberian husky.

How to Prepare Best Homemade Dog Food Step by Step

 Step 1. At first boil meat. Use more if the meat is very lean. You can choose ground meat like beef or turkey, it is very much like dog or chicken thighs and giblets. De-bone and chop up small. Set aside for cutting as much as small.

Step 2. Boil fresh or frozen vegetables until tender. Do not include corn, soy, or onions, since these are not healthy for your dog. It is may fall negative impact. Carrots is the most choices vegetable and then broccoli, spinach, potatoes, yams, and garlic. Cut the items as mass as small and then mix up it.

Step 3. Finally add the cooked rice or oatmeal to the meat. Then fold in the vegetables and keep cool until serve to the dog.

Step 4. Also you if prefer add one sardine per day to a meal. You can use it replace with  a fish oil capsule or flax seed . Also, add any digestive enzymes or probiotics to the meal.

After cutting all items or give all items put together in a bowls according to ratio and then mix up properly and then all items put in pressure cooker for boiling. It is not mandatory but it would be better. Because in vegetable and meat may contain bad bacteria. After slightly boiling bad bacteria will be vanish. Now keep some time for cooling and the keep it normal cooling in the freeze. Now your delicious homemade dog food is ready to eat for dog. It keep in cool until serve or end.

So I tired to discussed properly about how to prepare at home best homemade dog food or how to make cheap homemade dog food basic each and every thing. May be a dog owner will be benefited for the article and may this procedure homemade dog food recipes vet approved. Thank you very much for reading the article.