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Dog Fence is a such as place where a dog keep safe and secure from animals, a passers by, out of the reach of the dog and neighborhood. A dog fence fill up many requirement of a dog owners.  Here most popular and user experience best dog fence details are mention bellow.

Product Name                                 Type                  Price           Rating

Pet Trex 30″Folding Dog Fence         Metal                 $$               4.3

Product Name                               Type                  Price            Rating

Oxgord Folding Dog Fence             Metal                 $$                4.5

Product Name                                Type                  Price            Rating

MidWest Homes For Dog Fence     Metal                  $$                4.5

Types of Dog Fence

There are seven kinds of dog fence we find depends  of price, quality, design and size .

Lucky Dog Galvanized Chain Link Fence: Chain link fences is made by metal. It is consist of several part attached by chain links. Such kind of fence is long lasting and durability. It is folded so you can easily transportable and storage. Usually It is use for large dog.

Foldable, Free Standing Wooden Pet Fence:  It made by wood. It is consist of wood bar that joint each bar. You can find verity height of wood fence. Normally  a wood fence height is 5- 7 feet. So your dog easily keep in large dog. It is not popular due to day by day need to maintenance.  Although it’s needs to maintenance  nevertheless so many people purchase according to his requirements.

Advantek white Picket Fence Rabbit Hutch: It is made by wood. This fence is look like very beautiful. Your could love it. Such kind of fence do not block the view completely. Not only keep dog but keep a small animal. Since it is made by wood so it is heavy, so can’t easily change of space.

Split – Real Fence: Another split real fence is made by wood. It is construction of rows of wood post that adjacent ones joint by couple of wood bar. This kinds of dog fence not good due to a dog way out under the bar. But if add mesh fabric between the bar your dog can keep in the fence. Since it made by wood so it heavy so you could not move easily.

SportDog Brand In- Ground Fence – Invisible: It is quite a different fence. Since it will not see the dog so it invisible fence. An electric wire put under ground and a receiver attached of dog neck collar. The perimeter along which the wire is set defines boundary of the dog. When the dog come to the boundary, mean time the receiver will get a signal and a gentle shock. When the dog gets a shock at the time she stops moving. This is way a dog stay in the boundary. If the dog sees something in front of her the gentle electric shock she may ignore. As a result the invisible fence will be inactive.

PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence: It is near about similar to invisible fence. Wireless more easy to use than invisible fence. Wireless fence need not installation under ground wire. It creates a frequency a specific area. When the dog close to the frequency area the dog’s collar starts a beeping and cause a gentle electric shock. So the dog stays in the boundary. By this way try to stay to the dog in the boundary.

Housable Snow Fence: It is made by pieces of plastic. It is like as mesh fabric attached to raw of post. Since it is made by plastic so it is not expensive.  Snow fence is long lasting due to made by plastic. Advantage of the fence is quiet effective in keeping the smallest intruders away.