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Bringing Siberian Husky dog or dog  the little guy or girl has to eat right? So what is the best cheap  dog food or dog food brands for Husky dog or dog ? How can you make sure you are giving your dog the best nutrition you can? There are many opinions about what makes for the best husky diet. In the end, it is up to you to decide what works best for you dog, your lifestyle, and your budget. Therefore, I have done some digging information about best cheap dog food brands, how to make it at home  and what kinds of dog food have such as many honest, real information found through the article. So if you have a at house so you have to provide regular food for your dog. Also if you want to know over general care about dog so click here.

There are three ways to feed a dog. Now I will discuss one by one

  • Raw Dog Food 
  • Dry Dog Food 
  • Wet Dog Food 

Raw Dog Food: If you use general sense, so you will understand actually what is raw dog food. Raw dog food is that emphasize raw meat , raw fish , raw fruits and raw vegetables, raw egg, etc.  

Advantage of Raw Dog Food:

  • Just easier make it, just raw dog food purchase from market and give the dog.
  • Your dog’s teeth will remain clean
  • Low cost it
  • Healthier skin
  • Found pure energy of it
  • need comparatively  less

Disadvantage of Raw Dog Food:

  • It remain unbalanced diet
  • It may contain bacteria
  • During eating dog’s teeth may broken
  • May risk of dog due to five unextended period. 

Dry Dog Food: Dry dog food made by feed grade like : animal grade, ingredients and comes that is dry form. Also it  know as kibble food. In dry dog found 5 to 9 % moisture by volume.

Advantage of Dry Dog Food: 

  • Easily can store
  • Will safe teeth of dog
  • Less smell
  • Use it during training of dog
  • Keep with long distance
  • It cheaper than wet dog food
  • Easy size portion of dog

Disadvantage of Dry Dog Food:

  • It more expensive
  • Some dog contribute to periodontal diseases 

Wet Dog Food: It contain more moisture than raw and dry dog food. In fact is one kind of liquid food. It made by meat, fish, egg etc that contain too water.   

Advantage of Wet Dog Food: 

  • It is delicious disches
  • The tooth truth
  • It is prevent dehadriade 
  • It is more chew 
  • It is balanced diet for more fat dog
  • Healther for growing dog

Disadvantage of Wet Dog Food:

  • Wet dog food usually not give growing dog.

What is BARF Diet?

Well, this diet includes exactly what it’s expansion says Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones And Raw Food. This kind of a diet would attempt to create the diet that a dog would eat if he were in his natural environment. This diet would differ from breed to breed and not include those items that are not suitable to the breed’s digestive system. According to the BARF diet, the best meal for a Siberian Husky would be low on crabs, high on proteins and omega fatty acids. If you decide on a BARF diet for your Siberian Husky you would need to give him or her raw meaty bones along with vegetables, entrails, fish, and eggs. The BARF or raw food diet uses natural ingredients combined with vitamins and minerals to provide a balanced diet for your Husky. The following suggestions are based on an adult dog, not a puppy. Discuss a raw diet with your veterinarian before you try it with a puppy.

Top Three Dog Food Brands that  most popular dog food brands 

Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food: Raw dog food means uncooked food. Like: Raw meat, edible boons and organs. Some husky dog owner choose to feed his dog house made diet. but in the house made dog’s food may not contain necessary nutrition.

Many owners like to feed their dog or husky pups the way nature intended by feeding them raw chicken and fish. This included organ meat and bones as well. Recommended serving size for raw food is 2% of the dog’s weight per day. Yes, puppies can handle eating meat off a bone. Do not underestimate them. Just give them a portion that lines up with their size. In addition, remember, you can always feed them raw primarily and then supplement with dry food when you need the convenience.

  Blue Wilderness Adult Grain Free chicken Dry Dog Food: Best grain free dry dog food is special formulated dog food. It’s contain necessary diet of dog.Dry food seems to be a best choice among most Siberian husky owners. It is simple to obtain, store, prepare, and feed to your puppies or husky dog

BLUE Homestyle chicken Puppy Wet Dog Food: Wet dog food is significantly moisture than dry or semi moist dog food. Some one called wet dog food is canned food. In the wet dog food contain more protein than any dog food. Such as made wet dog food it look like real meat.

According to body structure of Siberian husky that they are not fussy about their food and they are light eaters. So should be select health dog food brands for your dog. They eat a lot less than other freighting dogs like the Samoyed and the Alaskan Malamute. It’s quite surprising how little they eat considering the amount of energy they have! This a interesting fact. So whether you choose to give your Siberian Husky fresh food as opposed to commercial pet food. Although lots of brand ready made dog food fund in the market.What is the weight to  keep your Siberian Husky healthy you will have to give him the appropriate diet and regulate the amount he eats. The average male Siberian Husky should weigh between 45 to 60 lbs, while a female should weigh around 35 to 50 lbs. You should see to it that your Siberian Husky stays within his or her prescribed weight because a fat Siberian Husky is not a healthy one Overfeeding it because he looks thin may actually harm him in the long run. It is important that a Siberian Husky is lean, streamlined and active. A fat one might be cute as a stuffed toy but that is about it. You must see to it that you regulate the amount a Siberian Husky eats. The amount of food a Siberian Husky needs is determined by the activities that he or she is engaged in. For example the amount of food intake required by a racing Siberian Husky would be different than the amount a pet Siberian Husky would eat. That is why you would need to watch and regulate the food that you give your Siberian Husky’s food by deciding on a healthy diet.

What is Health Diet for Husky Dog or Dog

Keep in mind that every living thing has its own unique nutritional needs- so do not different  Siberian Husky. Healthy diet is one that will be as close as possible to: Nutrient sources that are the same as those that were found in their place of origin. This would mean giving them food that they can easily digest according to their constitution rather than food items that are alien to them A balanced combination of protein, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins an minerals that suit their body type as in skin, temperament etc. Lets have a look at what the original diet of the Siberian Husky included:  Salmon, Fresh water fish, Animals like otter and mink Based on the original native food items consumed by his ancestors, the diet of a Siberian Husky would have to include a blend of fish and poultry to provide him the fats and proteins he needs.

Nutritional Needs of Husky Dog or Dog

Our Siberian Husky’s carbohydrate needs per kilogram of body weight is much lower than that of other dog breeds. Your Siberian Husky requires a higher intake of fatty acids that includes the correct balance of linolenic and folic acids. They will use these to convert them to the arachidonic acid When you decide on the Siberian Husky which you feel is the one for you, the breeder would inform you all about what diet the puppy is on at the moment and would recommend what you need to give him in the future, when he or she becomes an adult. In case of a puppy you would need to follow the same diet that he or she is used to till the are old enough to try something totally new. This is because; any sudden changes in diet would irritate his digestive system and make him sick.

In Favor of Fresh Food

Most breeders, vets and owners of Siberian Huskies would tell you that fresh food is the best possible option for this breed. Being the working dogs that they are, they would appreciate a home cooked meal to commercially packed dog food. Think about yourself you choice house cooked food than ready made food.  Not only would fresh foods give him the nutrients he needs, it would also eliminate chemical preservatives and give you full control of what you are feeding your pet. The result would be a healthy Siberian Husky. It would not be a tall task to cook for your Siberian Husky because they don’t eat much and the food items they need like fish, doesn’t take long to cook. You can combine the foods you know are good for him and also determine the amount of protein he gets from the meat and the amount of fatty acids he needs. Siberian Huskies are not fussy and are known to polish off casseroles that you might have left out side by mistake! A fresh food diet like the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones And Raw Food or BARF diet is great for the Siberian Huskies 

Kibble Size

Some owners have been mixed messages about whether they should consider huskies a large or medium breed dog. In addition, in turn, there is confusion about purchasing large breed kibble vs. medium breed. The “rule of thumb” is that a large breed is one over 50 lbs. Husky can often be borderline on this measurement hovering right above or below that benchmark. However, most husky owners agree that these dogs are classified as medium, and so they should eat medium breed dry food.

Grocery Store Brand vs. Premium Brands

From what I have gathered, husky owners seem to agree that it is best to avoid grocery store brands if possible. The only brand in this category that seemed to get some props from owners was Blue Buffalo. Therefore, if you have to go grocery store brand, most owners seem to agree that this is the best one. The premium brands seem to be preferred by most owners. Innova was the brand mentioned most. California Natural, Wellness, Karma were other premium brands mentioned.

Natural Raw Food

I found that many owners like to feed their husky pups or dog puppy the way nature intended by feeding them raw chicken and fish. This included organ meat and bones as well. Recommended serving size for raw food is 2% of the dog’s weight per day. Yes, puppies can handle eating meat off a bone. Do not underestimate them. Just give them a portion that lines up with their size. In addition, remember, you can always feed them raw primarily and then supplement with dry food when you need the convenience.


Treats for puppies and adult are just like treats for people. They should be eaten in moderation. Too many treats can lead to finicky eating digestion issues. Speaking of digestion stick with treats made from meat instead of grain based treats. The grain based variety does not sit well in dogs tummies and can cause them to have gas. It is not pleasant for husky and pup.

Doggie Jerky

Very simply make your own treats your pups instead of commercial food. Just purchase any kind of meat from a shop. Boil it as if no raw blood contain in the meat. Then bake the meat until it is though like jerky. Such as simple menu and your pup will very much like it.

Food to Avoid

Wheat or Grain Based Food

Do not provide wheat or grain based food. It does not match well with her body. It occur gas and she feel uncomfortable by gas.

How Much Feed for Husky?

Since you are very near your husky and should be monitoring during her rising A Siberian husky should be feed about 2% – 3% of its body weight per day. (Puppies, older dogs, pregnant and lactating dogs are feed at different ratios. So you can calculate for huskies per day how much need food or you can follow bellow this ratio will be use for per day

Weight :     5kg   –  10kg  –  15kg  –  20kg  – 25kg  – 30kg  –  35kg   –  40kg  –  45kg

 2% :        100gm -200gm -300g  – 400gm  -500gm – 600gm-700gm-800gm-900gm

3% :         150gm-300gm-450gm-600gm-750gm  –  900gm-1050 gm-1200gm-1350 gm

The best way to feed an adult dog is with two smaller meals instead of only one large meal once a day. By feeding a dog or pregnant dog two meals it tends to reduce scavenging for food all day until its meal time. Plus your dog might eat a bit more slowly as they are not starving hungry!!

If you have a puppy less than 6 months you should be feeding it at least 3 to 4 meals per day. After six months this can be reduced to two meals per day. Never leave uneaten food out all day.

So I have discussed detail about kinds dog food or dog food brands. Compare with  some grocery brand and premium brand, etc. what kind food provide to your dog or husky dog you select and provide regularly and monitor closely what is the best dog food brands?